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The Helsinki-based, German singer-songwriter Carolin Koss sings in different music projects. With her dark and melancholic yet calming and mesmerizing voice, she touches the realms of dark folk, alternative rock and electro-techno. The Indiecriollo magazine wrote enthusiastically: "Carolin Koss has the key to make us fall in love with her delicate sound, which sinks deep under our skin and caresses us when being in solitude." Her psychedelic doom band Orbiter recorded their debut album in 2022 with the legendary producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica), which will be released in 2023. Carolin also released 3 singles and 3music videos as a solo artist and is working on her solo album at the moment.


Finnish guitarist and songwriter Samuel Aalto was born into a music-minded family and got into pop music at a very early age. Being first impressed by classic acts like The Beatles and Elvis Presley he soon found his way to 80s hard rock bands, which have remained some of his biggest influencers to the day. His first band projects were heavy metal cover bands, playing the music he grew into. Chickweed Wintergreen, a melodic guitar pop band he formed with his mates became pretty successful in the Finnish indie scene. At present Samuel plays and produces music in collaboration with other singers, creating well-produced catchy rock and pop tunes.

’AWAKING DRAGONS’ is a collaboration between the two musicians Carolin Koss and Samuel Aalto. The song is like an adventurous journey through space and time at the back of the dark wave and modern rock genre. Samuel’s ecstatic composition and arrangement vibrate with Carolin’s playful lyrics and voice. The Mexican online magazine R+ praised the song as “[…] energetic and enthusiastic with a somewhat dark personality. The strength and expressiveness of the song capture the attention of the listener from beginning to end.“


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