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Type: experimental / fiction / art film 

Format: Full HD / Stereo Sound

Running time: 12:11 min

Year: 2016


Plastic Child is about a journey of a child who lives in a contaminated plastic world. Being the heir of a single living plant gives him the air to breathe and eventually delivers hope for human mankind.

The film is part of the trilogy Emerald Green, which is about a dystopian world, where nature has been rendered extinct, breathable air has gotten scarce and the sun has vanished due to the exploitation of natural resources and human error.


2020 - Festival Internazionale VideoArte - Lucca (IT)

2020 - TAM Torrance Art Museum - Los Angeles (US)

2020 - Nicht-Museum zeitgemäßer Kunst - Dresden (DE)

2020 - NewMediaFest2020 - Stützpunkt Teufelsberg - Berlin (DE)

2019 - Kroppens gränser - Galleri Verkligheten - Umeå (SE)

2019 - The New Museum of Networked Art -Kolkata (IND)

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