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The Helsinki-based, German singer-songwriter Carolin Koss started to sing from a very early age inspired by her dad’s huge record collection and passion for music. Bands such as Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Portishead and solo artists like Nick Cave, Agnes Obel and Chelsea Wolfe have been great inspirations. Her artistic upbringing shaped her creative versatility in art, filmmaking and music throughout the years. She sings in different bands ranging from alternative rock and electro-techno to psychedelic doom. With her band Orbiter which blends heavy riffs, otherworldly soundscapes and hypnotically soaring vocals, she was lauded as a singer by The Sludge Lord magazine, stating that “Vocalist Carolin has a truly haunting voice. Like, ‘move an Ouija board planchette with her vocalisations’ haunting.“ and the Finnish Soundi magazine described that “the band’s reinforcement from Germany, sings her lines in a laconically soulful way.“ 

Carolin’s new year's resolution for 2021 was to eventually start her own solo project, which she did! With her dark and dramatic yet calming and mesmerizing voice, she touches the realms of melancholia, dream pop and dark indie.

Firefly is Carolin Koss’s debut single as a solo artist. The song is about navigating through dark spaces, facing fears, embracing pain, letting go and starting new. Firefly was produced by Antti Piikki and was released on all the common streaming platforms on October 22nd, 2021.